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I will no longer be posting to this. This free wordpress template/hosting is cramping my style. It won’t even allow me to create a gallery so you all don’t have to click through each image individually. So check it out. It took me a day to figure out so if you have any questions about how to do this on your blog, just ask!


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August 17th

In 2003 I found a picture of an “Om” that I really liked and stuck it in my journal. I’ve always wanted one but I don’t like most of the ones I’ve seen. At least not for a tattoo. This one was almost right. I changed it a bit and finally, 6 years later, I got up the courage to go with two of my best friends and take the plunge. Ok, here’s the REALLY wacky part and I swear I’m not making this up… but… when I went back to find the journal entry to see how long ago it was exactly, I was shocked to see the date. August 17th, 2003. That’s today.

The very talented artist who gave me my tattoo: Dave Sanchez


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Toy Camera App

Basically it saturates, ups the contrast and darkens the edges. Tons of fun.



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spare time = crafty

I had some spare time so when I heard one of the things my brother wanted for his bday was a checkers set I thought, “how hard could that be to make?”. It’s just squares on some sort of board which could be material or something hard like wood and 14 pieces that are all the same shape. First I was going to make the board out of fabric. But I like wood. It feels better and I wanted something heavy and solid, not some wimpy, rolled up material board. So I went with wood. And, with a little guidance from Jurgen and my landlord James, this was the process/outcome.



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Sears Citation

is the name of the pretty little typewriter I picked up at an estate sale. Thank you to the man who left me this. It’s already brought me a couple fun hours away from the computer.



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Golden Grace

This was in the studio yard this morning. I had to return some thread. So pretty. 


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Jurgen’s Dome

There’s a big empty spot up on a hill in the back of the studio area. The past week I’ve watched Jurgen put together (all by himself I must add) a big Buckminster Fuller type dome. Usually he takes it to Burningman but since he’s unable to go this year he constructed it for the pure enjoyment of anyone that may pass by. It has windows, an escape hatch, running water and (gasp) a bar! 

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