August 17th

In 2003 I found a picture of an “Om” that I really liked and stuck it in my journal. I’ve always wanted one but I don’t like most of the ones I’ve seen. At least not for a tattoo. This one was almost right. I changed it a bit and finally, 6 years later, I got up the courage to go with two of my best friends and take the plunge. Ok, here’s the REALLY wacky part and I swear I’m not making this up… but… when I went back to find the journal entry to see how long ago it was exactly, I was shocked to see the date. August 17th, 2003. That’s today.

The very talented artist who gave me my tattoo: Dave Sanchez



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2 responses to “August 17th

  1. BALLSY. Great tat. I admire your courage… I’ve been thinking of it myself.

  2. Neesha

    omg – that’s great! nice choice….
    wow, did it hurt like crazy?
    you have got guts!

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